BloFish calls itself “the world’s first gender-neutral clothing company.” The fashion brand believes in equal-opportunity clothing, and it’s developed a community of believers who agree that everyone deserves the best. It passed its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter and is ready to expand its market reach.
blofish gender neutral clothing
The company’s motto is “All for All,” which the designers say stands for “the belief that everyone should have the same opportunities in life, no matter your gender, race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or abilities.”
And BloFish isn’t all talk—it’s putting its money where its corporate mouth is, with 10 percent of every purchase going directly to charity. The Human Rights Campaign, March of Dimes Foundation, Unbound, Alzheimer’s Association, and Boys and Girls Club of America are among the nonprofits that have benefited so far.
“That’s all great, but what about the clothes?” you ask. Fair enough.
blofish clothing size chart
First off, since the clothes are all gender-neutral, BloFish has developed a new way of sizing, which tags clothes from 1 through 5 rather than the traditional S through XL. As an example, a BloFish 3 is what would currently be a men’s medium and a women’s large.
blofish gender neutral clothing
blofish gender neutral clothing
blofish tracks

Right now you can buy BloFish hats, sunglasses, baseball shirts, T-shirts and tanks, and once the crowdfunding kicks in the company is poised to launch its own underwear and pants.

Personally, we’re excited about the underwear. The BloFish site promises they are “so soft and light, you feel like you’re wearing a feather.” That’s mostly due to the fabric, which will be Modal combined with spandex for comfort and stretch. Modal is a semi-synthetic cellulose fiber spun from reconstituted natural cellulose.

How, you may be wondering, can underwear fit everyone equally comfortably? The 3-inch inseam makes all the difference, and there’s a waistband that won’t ride up.
blofish gender neutral clothing pant
Next up: the BloFish Street Pant. Again, comfortable is the key word here. The design focus is on a pair of pants that are relaxed enough to hang out in but cool enough to wear out and look respectable. BloFish even says you can work out in them.
Thoughtful design tricks make the pants work on both men and women, such as a discreet curve near the side pockets to allow for different hip sizes, and the stretchy spandex with Flex-Knit fabric helps, too. “Our fabric molds to you like no pant you have ever put on,” claim the designers. Snug and stylish. Sweet.
blofish gender neutral clothing
The line’s shirts range from tanks with set-off pockets that are either colorfully snazzy like the charcoal “Sevilla Floral” or classy “White Floral” to the always popular T-shirt. BloFish tees are cut from a super-soft tri-blend fabric and sport the company’s name. Want something less obviously linked to the company? Try the black T-shirt, called the Panda — the company design on the pocket does indeed look like the popular animal peeking out at you.
blofish gender neutral clothing baseball shirt frontblofish gender neutral clothing baseball shirt
Finally, the designers have turned their hands to the timeless baseball raglan shirt, offered here in gray with fuchsia sleeves or heather-blue with gray sleeves.
blofish gender neutral clothing
Relax, everyone. Comfort is back in style.