house cocoon 1

Taking up residence within the double-height living room of a gorgeous renovated warehouse in Sydney, this amorphous blob looks like it could have grown organically as if harboring a monstrous insect of horror movie proportions. Thankfully, nothing frightening is about to burst out of it anytime soon: it simply houses a bedroom and bathroom. Made of white carbon fiber, the room-within-a-room was molded around the existing wooden trusses.

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house cocoon 7

Australian firm AJ + C created the pod as a centerpiece for the unusual home, which also boasts an indoor swimming pool, treehouse-like walkways on the upper floor and an indoor/outdoor patio that opens to the interior via oversized floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. 

house cocoon 3

house cocoon 2

house cocoon 8

Finished in a semi-gloss, the pod is a sculptural addition to the second level. Inside, the floors are padded with leather and lined with recessed LED lighting to highlight the organic curves of the structure. A skylight connecting to the ceiling like a chimney brings natural light to the cave-like interior.


house cocoon 6

cocoon house 11

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The home retains the historic character of its industrial origins, pairing the original brick and wood with large expanses of glass and white-stained wood cladding. There’s also a fully-stocked bar with a giant 8-ball as a stool, and the kind of walk-in dressing room most of us can only dream about.