Simple table converts to chair

Literally black and white, this design is also quite binary: two configurations that are each conventional, obvious and yet … entirely different in terms of their function. Either the  simple table or contemporary chair could masquerade as a typical modern furniture object , likely without anyone guessing it had a secret secondary function.

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Simple table transforms to chair

Unlike some more-complex modular and transforming furniture designs, this is structurally very simple: the metal base plate and chrome support stem break apart while the top portion is naturally easy to pack flat for shipping. Black outside, white within and metal underneath, the visual dynamics are striking but, again, quite simple.

Simple table converts to chair design process

Angular and leather-upholstered, the highly geometric chair portion does not look extremely comfortable for long-term everyday use, but for a party or other special occasion you could make room by clearing out extra tables and adding seating with ease. As a nice and clever touch, though, the push-out back support is cut to mirror (and thus fit into) the depressed seat below.

Simple table converts to chair sketch

The trick, of course, is in the safety mechanism that keeps the back from folding (up or down) unexpectedly – the Tablechair comes equipped with a locking system in either configuration, just in case. If there is a lesson to be learned here (aside from the constant of simplicity), it could be this: imagining something incredible is one thing, but building an object for production and sale takes a degree of self-discipline. Otherwise, the a lot can get lost in translation between concept, sketch and final product.

More from the designer

“The seating surface and the back are mirror-inverted. When you are seated, they provide a comfortable support for the buttocks and the back; when you fold the chair, they fit into each other in a space saving manner. As a safety precaution, a mechanic safety lock prevents unexpected collapsing. The chrome foot has the same base as the tabletop, reflecting the environment like a mirror and adapting to it. As a result, the monolithic base body has the effect of a self-supporting structure. The Table Chair is produced in series by Neue Wiener Werkstätte.”