strange decorative toilet seats

Toilets are rarely the most interesting interior design object, even in a mostly minimalist bathroom. These eye-popping toilet seat “designs” by Pressalit, however, call a great deal of attention to themselves and range from gaudy and surreal to humorous and offbeat, with fake diamonds and wood stumps to soccer balls and flower bouquets.

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toilet seat glass

Are they ridiculous? Yeah. That’s because they’re not real toilet seats at all. Pressalit held a design contest back in 2007 where they invited designers to contribute their own ideas, including all of these kooky and creative concepts. 

toilet seat soccer
toilet seat wicker

The soccer ball concept provides a padded seat as well as an offbeat optical illusion for sports fans – if only the real deal came with the sod surrounding it as the image shows. The latter of the two seats pictured above looks more like an archaic torture device than a bathroom fixture but might work really well in a vintage bathroom interior.

The turtle top is sure to freak out friends, guests and perhaps even you when you wake up in the middle of the night and have to go to the bathroom with a disturbingly full-sized, life-like creature perched on your toilet.

toilet seat turtle

Pressalit isn’t exactly known for weird novelty toilet seats. Most of what they produce is on the more elegant side of the bathroom fixture industry. However, if you were hoping these designs can actually be purchased, there are plenty of other novelty toilet lids to be found on the internet. And, for Pressalit’s part, the company does offer some wooden and colored designs, and will custom print imagery on the lid of many toilet seat offerings.

toilet seat madonna

About the company: 

“Pressalit A/S is a Danish privately owned company with production facilities in Ry, Denmark. Since 1954, we have been designing and producing toilet seats of the highest quality. And since 1975, Pressalit has also been developing accessible bathrooms and height-adjustable kitchens for people with reduced mobility. This has made us one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium bathroom solutions. High quality, flawless design and reliable functionality are the core features of our wide range of products.”