It has been said before, and often holds true, that nature is the best designer. The beauty of the natural world was the inspiration for this collection of organic table lamps by design team Nervous System.

Hyphae is a series of lamps, each of them one-of-a-kind creations modeled after the patterns of veins that carry water to nourish plants and blood to keep animals alive.

Just like circulatory systems and leaf structures, each of these 3D printed lamps is a completely unique construct. They were all “grown” organically using a simulation that begins with a seed and ends with a densely interconnected system of nodes and branches.

The end result is breathtaking, particularly when the eco-friendly LEDs on the inside are lit. The shadows cast by the Hyphae lamps bring to mind lazy summers lying under the protective branches of a tree and watching the endless play of light and shadow overhead.