Forget the one-size-fits-all, rectangular box-and-lid approach. Imagine: a cheap, flat-pack, pre-creased sheets of corrugated cardboard with perpendicular and diagonal lines along which it you can fold it into any size large or small and any simple or complex shape. Instead of just length, width, and height, you can suddenly create three-dimensionally complex curves.

Corrugated cardboard may be the coolest material of modern times: lightweight and flexible but also durable and rigid in just the right proportions to be the perfect way of packing boxes for storage, moving and shipping. This designer concept by Patrick Sung takes those key properties and uses them to take our idea of a boring cubic box to the next level.

If you unwrap them right on the other end, you could even refold them into other shapes; otherwise, they are built ready to be compacted and recycled quickly and easily, without the normal cutting and ripping required to pack normal boxes flat.

This green package design project is entitled UPS – for Universal Packaging System, not United Parcel Service – and is not available for sale yet, but seems like an obvious buy if manufacturers and suppliers of cardboard can be convinced that cheap and simple is why this classic material is so successful in the first place.