steps seats

For as long as there have been stairs, there have been people who sit on stairs. Their shape – not to mention their ready availability – just beckons us to take a load off for a bit. Designer Geof Ramsay embraces the idea of a staircase as seating and creates a playful piece of furniture.

steps double as seating

removable cushions steps

Steps is a re-conceptualization of a small staircase, taking the object’s original form and turning it into something with a completely different function.

steps cushions seats

geof ramsay stairs

The piece consists of three “treads,” the middle of which has a removable tilted platform on one side. This tread features a removable cushion which turns it into a kind of chair.


steps to nowhere

The bottom tread has a removable cushion as well, though no back support. Steps, then can either be used as a chair with two side tables or two chairs with one side table. Or, perhaps you can remove the cushions entirely and enjoy a small trip up and down this tiny staircase to nowhere.