You run hot, kicking off your sweaty sheets within hours of getting into bed. Your bedmate, on the other hand, is always cold, bundling up in layers of bulky blankets. If you can’t come to a compromise on a resting room temperature, how are either of you going to get a good night’s sleep? Tons of high-tech smart beds now offer features like foot warming, dual temperature controls, and built-in biometric sleep tracking, but they definitely don’t come cheap. For a more affordable solution, you might want to look to a new gadget called the BedJet 3, which aims to “hack your body’s natural sleep biorhythms with intelligent bed cooling and warming.”

A BedJet Cloud Sheet split up into two separate temperatures.

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Originally launched on Kickstarter back in 2014, the BedJet is finally back, with a host of upgrades that are guaranteed to make your bed just the right temperature for optimal refreshing rest. As the name suggests, the BedJet essentially pumps temperature-controlled air between the sheets, and it even comes with a remote control (or an app, if you prefer to use your smartphone) for easy fine-tuning. Unlike electric blankets, there are no conductive wires involved here.

The unit itself fits under most beds, with its patented, acoustically dampened blower, ducting system, and outlet nozzle generating and directing a small cushion of air between the upper and lower bedsheets so as to create a tenting effect that allows the air to warm or cool the entire sleeping area. You can use the BedJet with your own bedding, and if your bed frame is too low to allow the unit to sit underneath, you can always purchase an optional stand.

BedJet 3 The BedJet 3 unit placed under a traditional bed.

“BedJet has taken a technological leap past sleep sensors that simply monitor and educate you on your prior night’s sleep,” explain its creators. “BedJet was the first product to use muscular bed climate control to hack into your body’s own natural pre-programmed circadian biorhythms to fundamentally alter what your body THINKS it should be doing while you are in bed.”

“Remember waking up in the middle [of the] night to kick the covers off because you were too hot, falling back asleep, and then waking up later too cold? That’s interrupted sleep and a reset to your deep sleep REM clock. It’s also your body not being allowed to achieve the right body core temperature for deep sleep and your brain making a manual adjustment.”

2 BedJet 3 units placed under a couple's bed.

To make use of this feature, you simply enter your age, sex, and body type into the app. After that, the BedJet Biorythym Technology will create a custom sleep temperature profile that makes continuous climate control adjustments in your bed throughout the night. You can create your own profiles, too, experimenting with different ones as you go to see which one works best. There’s even a wake-up feature that lets you “bio-hack” wake-up time by subtly altering your body’s core temperature at the time of your choosing.

The BedJet 3's accompanying smartphone app

But the best part of the BedJet is its ability to create two separate pockets of air within one bed without requiring the sleepers to zip themselves up into individual cocoons. This optional dual zone setup works by way of “cloud” sheets: washable 100-percent paper cotton temperature layers with interior airflow cavities. The nozzles plug into inlets on either side of these sheets to give each sleeper total control over their side of the bed. When the unit is turned on, the sheets inflate, making them look like down-filled duvets.

A BedJet 3 unit and accompanying smartphone app.

The BedJet’s 2018 updates include Wi-Fi connectivity for smart home integration, a new color screen remote control, and a new iOS/Android app. Check out the Kickstarter campaign to back the project and get updates on future purchasing opportunities.