bathroom bathtub storage shelves

We all know that water and paper do not mix well, so be careful not to splash if you decide to step into this strange bathroom storage-and-fixture combination – a contemporary bathing basin with built-in, metal-and-wood, side-of-tub shelving units.

built in bathtub shelves

These curious multifunctional bathtubs by Antonio Lupi come with shelves along either the short or long sides of tubs, presumably to cater to different bathroom layouts that might require users to step over either the side or the end.

built in bathroom shelving

In theory, these spaces could be used for storage … but in practice, they are simply too public without closing cabinet doors.

built in bathtub bookcase

Finished in dark and light solid colors or with wood grain, simple fixtures, straight lines and plain surfaces make this humbly modern and free of overt decor, leaving the role of interior decoration to the books and other household objects that will presumably adorn the shelves and become part of the interior design over time.