bedroom open-air shower
The bathroom, that sanctuary from the world where you can be all alone for a little while, has infinite design potential. Wall colors and sink fixtures are only part of the story. Kaldwei, makers of unconventional and luxury bathrooms, have plenty of inspiring bathrooms to their credit.
open air shower
Showers and bathtubs can take on nearly any form with the use of modern materials, and with a little creative planning they can even escape the dingy back corner of the bathroom where they have historically resided. Free-standing showers – those that aren’t enclosed in walls – are sophisticated and provide a sense of freedom while showering.
LED lighted bathtub
Lighting can be a beautiful addition to a bathtub; colored LEDs provide indirect lighting that, depending on the color, can either relax or invigorate you. This tub gives the illusion that it is built right into the wall and has a shelf on which to put candles, wine glasses, and other bathtub necessities.
pool bathtub

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This beautiful Kaldwei bathroom design is truly a masterpiece. The bathtub itself sits in a small pool of water which connects to the exterior swimming pool behind a wall of glass. The ocean is just beyond the bounds of the pool, creating the illusion of water within water within water.