How many ways can you use three readily-available components from your local hardware store? As it turns out, some flat wooden boards, lengths of electrical cable and raw construction-style, work-light fixtures can go a long way.

William Raffredi is an Italian designer who specializes in simplicity, as shown in this series of shelves, desks and lighting hybrids. It is easy to imagine these various constructions populating an entire room.

Sketches give insights into his design process, showing the endless possibilities of piecing something like this together (which, in retrospect, looks easier than it likely was).

Each of these constituent elements readily lends itself to a primary and secondary function. The wood provide structure and support, the cables add contrasting curves (plus power) and the suspended lamp fixtures illuminate but also provide tension via weight.

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The result is little more than a skeleton – in a way, the product defers to its contents … the shelves take second position to the items that adorn them, with snaking cables and a solitary bare bulb serving simply as added accent pieces.