Barbecue Bible 1

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No book can adequately teach you the art of grilling, but The Bible of Barbecue can at least offer you practically everything you need to get started. Open the wooden cover – which acts as a cutting board – and you’ll find a range of tools and materials including aluminum foil, an apron, a serving tray and even a surface for sharpening knives.

Barbecue Bible 2

Created to promote Tramontina’s new line of cooking tools, the massive book is divided into three chapters. ‘Starting’ includes a slab of charcoal that you can break up into pieces, a sheet of fire-starter paper, and a page folded into a stiff fan shape to encourage the flames.

Barbecue Bible 3

Wrap up baked potatoes with the aluminum foil, crinkle up a piece of paper coated in salt to season your steak, and then set out the serving tray in anticipation. A placemat, kitchen towel and parchment paper for wrapping up meat are also included.

Barbecue Bible 4

But the book is more than just a kit of grilling accessories – each page is lovingly designed with a unique typographic treatment. The Bible of Barbecue was produced in small quantities and gifted to master barbecue chefs, but a simplified version will be released to the public.