Manufacturing technology has finally caught up to imagination and digital rendering. This extreme pair of staircases represents two unique, asymmetrical works of functional art – each is installed in an actual London home, but based on three-dimensional computer modeling and created using laser-cut materials.

If you feel a bit dizzy, just reach out for the handrail … wait, that might not work either.?Everything about these designs by architect Alex Haw of?Atmos is warped, bent and twisted, from the treads and risers up through the balusters and banisters.

The stairs and supporting elements were fabricated digitally, printed in flat-pack form from MDF (with some metal accessories) then slotted back together on site – a task that would be impossibly time-consuming to try and do by hand.

More than merely a bridge between floors, each stairwell works as a connector between the interior and exterior of the home and supplemental seating as well as a filter for light and central decorative element – a curved accent in otherwise square spaces.