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For those of us living in the West, Asian-inspired furnishings are an exotic, sophisticated departure from the home objects we see and live with every day. French company La Maison & Co‘s Indonesian and Chinese collections give rooms an exotic Asian feel no matter where in the world they happen to be.

The Impressions of Indonesia collection features rich teak wood, elegant shapes and vibrant colors. These bedroom designs from the collection include details such as large sculptures and idols, low beds, and luxurious accessories.

All together, the richly decorated interiors create relaxing sleep spaces that are a welcome departure from the typical Western bedroom.

The company’s Spirit of China collection is similarly striking. Ornate pieces are complemented by simple lines and low furniture heights.

The occasional use of traditional bamboo adds an authentic feel to the Asian interiors. The Chinese-inspired art and alluring red highlights create beautifully exotic spaces that are at once modern and classic.