metal water heater furniture
Is it art, design or both? The first fixture shown above is an actual heated meeting space – warmed by a four-sided hot-water heater suspended from the ceiling, a functional artwork of sorts. But the latter furniture-like objects … well, there seems to be an appliance seated where one would expect to find a person sitting down.
metal furniture art sculpture
The linear composition, symmetry and outlined shapes of these metal sculptures strongly suggest the forms of couches, benches, chairs an love seats – but there is nothing within each frame and in a surreal visual inversion: seating spaces are not empty but rather occupied by the densest, heaviest mass in each work.
metal artistic heated furniture

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In this series titled I Am Furniture, Bas van Raay works precisely with our own pattern recognition processes – this difficult-to-grasp aspect is entirely intentional, a mixing of recognizable shapes, figures and voids designed to make us think twice (or more) about each piece.