Interior designs that used to be influenced by and shared via Better Homes and Gardens are now exploding on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. In fact, the Instagram hashtag #interiordesign has garnered over 87 million posts to date. Riding high on this wave of popularity, home improvement service finder Angie’s List has decided to identify decorating trends all across the United States to establish which styles are most prevalent in each region.

A stylish, simple midcentury modern bedroom from Angie's List.

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To effectively analyze the information, the research team commissioned by Angie’s List focused on the 10 most common design tags, which they identified as:

The team then cleaned up the data by deleting outliers and organizing it all by state, ultimately creating two maps: one that shows the most popular design style tag in each state, and one that shows which states share their #instahomes the most.

A map outlining the most popular design style in every state, as compiled by Angie's List.

A map outlining which US states share their decor on Instagram the most, as compiled by Angie's List.

They discovered the state of California is particularly proud of their interior design efforts, publishing over 10,000 design-related posts to date. Florida was barely a close second with a still notable 4,600+ posts, and Texas measured fairly high, too. The more remote states of North and South Dakota, on the other hand, either don’t focus on interior design styles at all or just aren’t frequent Instagram users, considering they only showed 38 and 42 hashtags, respectively.

When it comes to style, the easternmost and Southeast regions of the country are dominated by #coastalliving, the most popular indoor decor style of all the options listed, with 18 total states boasting the hashtag.

#MidcenturyModern came in a close second, dominating 16 states across the midwest plus California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Washington. Eight other states felt #rusticdecor better defined their tastes, while Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee instead favored #traditionalhome. Border-sharing Utah and Nevada felt the #modernhome vibe, and verdant Vermont was the sole state to come in under the #cottagestyle heading.

Of course, there’s a bit of subjectivity to consider when it comes to describing design elements. For example, one person’s definition of boho might be another person’s version of traditional. So the Angie’s List researchers went a bit further, identifying elements and images that best represented each category of decor.

A typical Coastal Living-style bedroom, as created by Angie's List.

A typical Coastal Living-style bathroom, as created by Angie's List.

A typical Coastal Living-style kitchen, as created by Angie's List.

A typical Coastal Living-style living room, as created by Angie's List.

#coastalliving incorporates a soft palette of blues and white, along with nautical elements and natural materials such as wood and rope.

#boholiving wasn’t well represented, though it’s likely something along the lines of plush velvets, coarse tweeds, and the soft cottons of pillows and cushions counterbalanced with copious throw rugs.

A stylish, simple midcentury modern bathroom from Angie's List.

A stylish, simple midcentury modern bathroom from Angie's List.

A stylish, simple midcentury modern living area from Angie's List.

#midcenturymodern is a classic design mostly focused on sleek, minimalist furniture accented with unexpected colors from textiles and art.

A typical rustic bedroom, as created by Angie's List.

This bathroom makes ample use of rustic decor elements.

This rustic kitchen from Angie's List is a no-frills cook's dream space.

A classic rustic-decor filled living space from Angie's List.

#rusticdecor is more of a farmhouse look with chalkboards, wire baskets, open shelving, and metal accents.

If you think #traditionalhome is more your style, think blank canvas with neutral-colored walls, balanced out with hearty floral or damask upholstery and striking artwork. Of course, traditional style can also overlap with #cottagestyle, which itself features bright and airy spaces identified by antiques and cozy textiles.

The best thing about the Angie’s List findings is that they prove it’s almost impossible for a home to perfectly fall into any one of these categories. Why not create a #modernhome sunroom in your home, complete with a #coastalliving bedroom and an #industrialstyle bathroom for a perfect representation of your unique tastes?