Near the medieval Slovenian town of Škofja Loka, a farm property was transformed by the replacement of an ancient farm building with this crisp, modern three-story home.

The home, built by Arhitetektura d.o.o., sits in exactly the same location as the farm building it replaced, sharing the very same dimensions, with the same slope used as a prominent influence in the home’s shape.

The huge horizontal strips of windows allow a constant view of the idyllic farm scenery around the home. A recessed wall on the middle floor (seen here at ground level) allows residents to look out over the “farm courtyard” from the living and dining rooms.

A large garage occupies the first level, which is below ground level when viewing the home from the low side of the grade. The middle floor contains the public spaces while the top level houses the sleeping rooms.

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Although the exterior dimensions and some features of the home had to comply with historic regulations, the architects at Arhitektura d.o.o. were free to make the actual aesthetic and interior of the home as modern as the young, educated owner required.