We’re all good at multitasking to some degree, but when it comes to the safety of our belongings, it’s nice to be able to rely on an electronic device that’s capable of performing a whopping 13 different functions. The best part? That same gadget is about the size of a car key fob.

The AllBe1‘s features are a mix of emergency alarms and other conveniences. Just connect yours to its accompanying smartphone app, and you’ll be able to set different alerts to match your needs.


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There are many scenarios where the AllBe1 can be used to help you and your family. For instance, there’s an emergency button that sends an instant alert out when pressed, along with the location of the incident, so emergency response teams can track down the device with ease. It can be used by seniors who’ve fallen and need assistance or by people involved in bad accidents.

AllBe1 is also a tracker. Attach it to your dog’s collar, and you can finally find out where he goes when he leaps the fence and takes off. You can also attach it to a laptop or a set of keys so you know where they are at all times. Alternatively, you can clip the device onto your child’s pocket. If you do, you’ll get an alert every time they move out of range without your noticing. Speaking of range, it’s important to note that the AllBe1 can track things up to 360 feet away from your smartphone or tablet.

AllBe1 AllBe1

Worried about home security? The company says the AllBe1 can function as a motion sensor and alert you if an intruder is opening the door of your house. You can also set it to let you know if someone is moving your bike (whether it’s a thief or a child you’ve just grounded!).

One of the AllBe1’s especially important safety features is an alarm that will remind you if you accidentally leave a child in your car. Think of it as your guardian angel when you’re distracted or in a rush.


In the way of comfort features, the AllBe1 boasts a sensor that warns you about UV levels and keeps you safe in the sun. Another alarm lets you know if the temperature in a room suddenly drops (great for families who have an infant to keep warm or elderly relatives who might fall asleep and not realize that they’re getting dangerously cold).

If you’re worried about people snooping, you’ll be happy to know that the AllBe1 can also be used to lock your phone. And if you want to record a conversation without people knowing, you can take advantage of the gadget’s “covert voice recording” feature.


So how does it work? The inventors explain that the device communicates with your smartphone via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) protocol. That means it’s smart on power, which is probably why its battery will stay charged for two whole months. Just pair your AllBe1 with your phone, and select whichever alert option you need to use. That’s pretty much it. The app works on both Android and IOS phones.

Finally — and as if all this wasn’t enough — the company also offers the Everywhere USB drive. This little gizmo lets you receive email alerts when you aren’t near your AllBe1. Talk about being connected!