Architectural pieces for the human body? No better way to express your artistic leanings toward high design and innovative architectonics. California-based Adorn Milk exclusively features designers “who make architectural, high-quality, handmade adornments,” from up-and-comers to independent, already established brands.


Overall, the entire selection is fairly and affordable priced, considering one gets custom-made, handmade sculptural jewelry. There are textile rings, necklaces made with cotton rope and copper, geometric earrings and brooches made of 3D printed plaster and resin. Materials range from laser-cut brass to wood, resin, nylon, Corian and more.


Among the collections’ many standouts are Austrian 13&9 Design, in cooperation with INNOCAD Architecture (also in Graz, Austria). Its creators play with issues such as “modularity, compatibility, flexibility and transformation” to come up with “designs that combine conceptual functional necessities and innovations with aesthetics which also to offer an emotional component.” Put plainly, for those of us not familiar with Architecturespeak, it means Anthracite or White Corian bracelets (see below) and rings that explore the “geometry of the ellipse and hexagon.” We love the results.


We’re equally fond of New Yorker Katrin Zimmermann’s Ex OVO brand of architectural jewelry, “inspired by the idea Japanese of beauty originating in the essence of form.”


Best browse Adorn Milk yourself to see what tickles your inner aesthete.