Ever dream about home gyms, but lament your small space and small budget? Thanks to a revolutionary new fitness product, you’ll finally be able to get the body of your dreams from the comfort of your house! ABLE, or Advanced Bodyweight Leverage Equipment, is a mobile home fitness unit that can be used in place of traditional gym equipment to isolate and strengthen a variety of different muscle groups and corporal zones. Consisting of two platforms that each move on four rollerballs, ABLE provides an alternative to traditional roller-based workout gear and easily surpasses it in terms of possible exercises.
Replace home gyms with ABLE - Fitness Hardware
Owing to its direct-response rollerball technology, which allows for smooth movement across all kinds of surfaces, this equipment can also be outdoors and is completely portable, so your personal gym never has to leave your side. ABLE has been reinforced with fiberglass to withstand the pressure of vigorous athletic activity and is capable of supporting up to 300 pounds.
ABLE - Fitness Hardware

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Developed by a company called Fitness Hardware and designed over the course of three years, ABLE is currently being funded on Kickstarter, though it met its initial goal of $28,000 USD in just four and a half hours. This immense wave of support is a true testament to the public’s belief in the equipment. With just eight days of their crowdfunding campaign left, the company has managed to raise an impressive $45,381 USD. ABLE’s backers will not only receive the physical product but will also gain access to a new app which includes over 50 instructional videos meant to challenge them and show them new exercise combinations and workout routines.
ABLE - Fitness Hardware
ABLE’s routines are mostly made up of bodyweight exercises, in which the users work with the weight of their own bodies to burn calories and build strength. These workouts require far less equipment and are less likely to result in injury than freeweight activities. No weights or cables means that absolutely no set-up is required: just place the product on the floor and get yourself going!

ABLE is ideal for everyone from beginners to personal trainers and professional athletes and can be used with the hands or feet thanks to its specialized toe grips. Using ABLE with your hands will allow you to perform compound movements that work your arms, back, shoulders, and chest, while grabbing on with your feet will allow you to focus on your legs, abs, and core. The device’s rotating handle grips allow for multi-directional usage, too, so you’ll never have to worry about positioning it in a particular way. Workouts made specifically for ABLE are available on the “Workout Move Library” on the Fitness Hardware website.
ABLE - Fitness Hardware
Those who choose to donate beyond the $99 baseline, which earns a pair of ABLE units, will be given the ABLE Pro Package, which includes a gym bag, water bottle, and knee pad for added comfort when exercising. ABLE is available with either blue or red highlights and will retail at $129 USD (plus shipping and handling) once its Kickstarter campaign has ended.