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When it comes to pillows, we’ve all heard of fillings like memory foam, polyester, and down, but what about buckwheat? Hullo pillows are stuffed with natural buckwheat hulls (actually a common filling throughout Asia) that provide firm support regardless of how you sleep. With a mission that promises both health and environmental benefits, Hullo’s popularity among users made us take a closer look at these sleep solutions.

The first thing we noticed about our Hullo pillow was the weight. Buckwheat hulls are sturdy and won’t break down easily, but this also means that they are not light when used as a filling. Our standard-sized pillow was filled with 10 pounds of hulls, but the great thing is how easy it was to customize this. If you are looking for a looser feel or want to adjust the filling in any way, you can easily open the zipper to take out a portion of the hulls until you have what you’re looking for. And everything is securely held in place by a twill case made from 100% organic cotton.

open hullo pillow

Hullo case close-up

My first night with the Hullo was surprising. A card in the box suggested bunching it up before laying down on it so the hulls could contour to my head and neck. Immediately the pillow filling shifted to a comfortable position for me and—even better—stayed in place. A common problem for me in the past was pillows that started out comfortable only to slowly shift as I fell asleep, but the Hullo continuously provided the support I was looking for. The key is in the decision to use buckwheat hulls, which are sturdy and easily catch on to each other through their natural shape, but are also slightly springy so your head is gently cushioned.

I slept great that night, no adjusting needed, and felt no pain or stiffness the next morning. I tend to move around a lot when falling asleep and habitually read or check things on my phone after I’ve lain down for the night, but whenever I shifted my position, the Hullo moved in a way where I was still comfortable. And since the hulls are hollow, air moved freely throughout the pillow, keeping it cool throughout the night.

The one thing I was nervous about was the noise. From the moment I picked up the Hullo, it sounded similar to a shifting bean bag chair, and it was worrisome to have this against my ear all night as I moved around. However, that didn’t become an issue for me. Whenever I moved, the pillow only made a soft sound, but once I stopped, the hulls instantly stopped as well, seemingly locking into place.

small and king hullo pillow

I personally don’t suffer from any chronic back or neck problems, but we can all relate to having a bad night’s sleep because of a pillow that doesn’t suit your personal needs. While Hullo isn’t medically certified, users can create the spinal support they need by adjusting their Hullo to keep their alignment straight. Customers have reported back and neck pain relief and a decrease in insomnia, snoring, migraines, and other conditions they’ve been struggling with, so it’s worth a look if you’ve been struggling to find a pillow that gives you a restful sleep.

The hulls are extremely strong and should last for many years as they support your head and neck. However, since they are an organic material, they will eventually start to break down and need to be replaced. This isn’t something we could test obviously, but the concept isn’t new; all pillows eventually break down or deteriorate in some way. The hope is that your Hullo lasts longer than other fillings that quickly clump up or flatten, like polyester.

buckwheat hulls from hullo pillow

The company that makes Hullo, Hulltex, sources everything from the filling to the zipper from American businesses. All the hulls come from buckwheat plants that are grown, milled, and air-cleaned in North Dakota and are certified organic whenever possible. Hulltex believes in supporting American businesses and being eco-friendly with their product so their customers can (literally) rest easy when using their pillows.