rain lamp
Drops of rain falling in your home might usually be cause for concern – but designer Richard Clarkson’s Rain Lamp will make you wish for rain every day.
hanging rain lamp
falling water lamp
The globular lamp uses an LED and an integrated pump system to combine the aesthetic qualities of light and water in a nature-inspired lighting fixture. The lamp’s round shape is a natural magnifying lens that causes the light and water to project a lovely image on the surface below.
richard clarkson rain lamp

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Although you may not usually want to combine water and a light bulb, the Rain Lamp incorporates a water-safe LED that lets light and water mix in a way that was previously impossible. The ultra-bright LED can last for an estimated 100,000 hours.
drops of water lamp
Water is pulled up from the bottom through a hidden pump system which then releases little drops. Thanks to the micro-peristaltic pump, the water droplets can be timed to drop at precise intervals. Each time a droplet hits the pool of water, the projected light below displays graceful undulating patterns reminiscent of a peaceful pond.