rome house of dust

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In most homes, dust is a plague that is frequently and zealously eradicated – but to Antonino Cardillo, dust is a vital component of a stunning wall treatment that brings to mind primordial caverns and raw, bare earth. The apartment is, perhaps somewhat misleadingly, known as the House of Dust.

rough plaster ceilings house of dust

rough ceilings house of dust rome

This apartment in Rome uses rough-textured, earth-colored plaster to contradict the slick, smooth surfaces of the walls and floors. The two zones are visually separated by square doorways and deep-set windows which literally and figuratively draw a line between the rough upper segments and smooth lower segments.

recessed doors house of dust rome

doors and hallways house of dust

But it is the flush-set arched doorways that add a real element of surprise to this home. Nearly invisible in the walls, the doorways lead to both other rooms and storage spaces. A hidden compartment-like rotating wall hides the kitchen from the rest of the home until it is pivoted open.

bedroom and hallway house of dust

rome house of dust bathroom

The master bedroom and bathroom lack the rough upper surfaces of the common areas, instead displaying a relaxing soft shade of pink from floor to ceiling.

accents house of dust rome

Small accents of concrete, wood, and metal balance each other and soften the natural, rough texture of the “dusty” ceilings. The resulting interior is at once strong and soft, making it a perfect home for stylish Romans who crave a simple but elegant interior.