There is just something quintessentially domestic about that most basic of building shapes we come to recognize and represent in our earliest childhood sketches. This prefab manages to capture that essence without tapping too much into impractical sentimentality – it lacks that sense of self-sacrifice all too common in cramped dwelling designs.

Behind its basic outline and beyond its shockingly small amount of space (250 square feet) are a series of simple and effective techniques for maximizing interior space and minimizing the building’s ecological footprint.

Lofted sleeping and storage areas are part of the equation, as well as the reduction of interior doors and walls to provide essential privacy and division without causing clutter or blocking lines of sight.

Dwelle is the UK company behind this series, with visions beyond their so-far-built concepts with sketches that show the independence of the interior layout (and interstitial space sporting recycled-newspaper insulation) and the cladding of the exterior (which can range in materials as desired).