Most dorm rooms start out looking more like prison cells than cozy new homes for students embarking upon an exciting new phase of their lives. But even the ugliest cinder block walls, dull carpets, and boring school-provided furniture can be a blank canvas. These seriously impressive TikTok transformations provide a guide to the hottest dorm room decor trends of the 2022-2023 school year.

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Voluminous Bedding


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♬ Sunny Day – Ted Fresco

Here’s a hot tip from numerous TikTokkers: buy queen-size bedding for your twin bed. You’ll have enough fabric to drape over the entire bed, hiding the frame and creating a feeling of luxury. Another hack from user @melissa__joy turns two flat sheets into a bed skirt big enough to fit the awkward size of an elevated twin bed, so you can hide storage underneath. Total cost? Just $13.

Oversized Canvas Art & Glam Headboards


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Large items will give you the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to making a visual statement and distracting from less-than-cute elements in your room. Adding a big glamorous headboard to complement your bedding and throwing some giant canvases on the walls can make a blank room feel livable in a matter of minutes, as in this TikTok dorm room transformation by @essentialswitheden_.

Color-Coordinated Accessories


Yesterday was move-in day! My daughter is all moved into her dorm room. Check out this dorm room transformation! Welcome to The Hill! 🧡🐍💚 #famudorm #dormtour #dormroom #dormdecor #dormlife


TikTok user @shariamorhomedecor turned a bland dorm room into a beautiful color-coordinated space using lots of new accents in white and pale robin’s egg blue. Sticking to a limited color palette defines the space and pulls it together, whatever color you might choose.

Bring in Boho Vibes


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♬ Pull Yourself Together – H

Macrame plant hangers, chunky throws, wood desk organizers, and accents made of natural materials make a UC Davis dorm room decor feel a lot homier in this transformation by @gabbyosorioo.

Colored Accent Lights and Removable Wallpaper


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♬ Glamorous – Fergie

Talk about a serious transformation. TikTok user @aletheajay tacked up some removable wallpaper to get rid of the cell block vibe, completely covered the entire bed frame, and added oversized wall art. A variety of accent lighting completely changes the feel of the space, including the bedside light and battery-powered stick-up track lights on the ceiling.

Neon Lights and Statement Rugs


dorm transformation baby🫶🏼 #dorm #dormtransformation #olemiss

♬ Drake of the Fates – Kyberphonic

At Ole Miss, students tend to go big on their dorm room transformations. This one by @ansleyspinks uses custom neon lighting, giant statement rugs, color-coordinated accessories, and a comfy couch to feel more like home.

Faux Vines and Other Amazon Accents


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♬ AMAZING – Phoebe

TikTok user @abbymariemiller added personality to her dorm room bed with a few cheap and fun items she found on Amazon, including faux greenery to hang overhead and a sequined Harry Styles throw pillow.

Shared Sitting Area


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♬ Pull Yourself Together – H

If you and your roommate have similar tastes, creating a little sitting area between your beds can be a great way to maximize the space. Pick out a cute (but compact) couch, coffee table, area rug, and console table to make your room feel more like a luxury hotel suite. In this room, posted by @laney_hulbert2, a gold and blue color palette unites the entire space while accent lamps, wall art, and throw pillows offer plenty to look at.

Details, Details, Details


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♬ Get Into It (Yuh) – Doja Cat

Sometimes it’s the small things that really make a space feel like your own. For TikTok user yoitsar, bringing in elements like a basket full of blankets, a large mirror, or a storage cart makes a big difference.