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Mathematician Henry Dudeney spent his life inventing puzzles to confound and educate the world, but he never would have guessed that his most famous puzzle would one day be turned into an exceptionally fascinating piece of transforming furniture.

Dudeney’s puzzle described a way to turn an equilateral triangle into a perfect square by breaking the shape into four distinct pieces. By rearranging the pieces, one shape becomes the other. Design firm D*Haus has taken that puzzle and created the D*Table, a coffee table that can be arranged into a triangle, a square, and six other shapes in between.

The hinged table reveals new surfaces, drawers and storage spaces each time it is rearranged. These spaces and surfaces are hidden within other configurations, creating a magical kind of transformation that, with each move of the hinged pieces, invents an entirely new piece of furniture.

The poetry of this transforming table makes geometry into an everyday experience. Although most of us don’t rearrange our entire living rooms every day, the D*Table allows owners to create unique shapes to meet different needs, change the look of the room, or open up new storage spaces easily.