For many people, summer 2020 means spending a lot more time in our own homes and backyards. All the more reason to make them as comfortable, colorful, and fun as possible, right? Check out these six summer decor ideas for indoor and outdoor spaces, including both splurge and budget-friendly options.

Make it Comfy

summery cushions and throw pillows set over wooden palettes give your yard a wonderfully bohemian feel.

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Image via Natascha Janina

Plenty of soft surfaces will encourage you to use your outdoor space a lot more. Naturally, you’re going to want plenty of cushions and pillows on your patio chairs and benches. For extra lux lounging, get a stylish fringe hammock like this one from Anthropologie, or spring for a pair of zero-gravity outdoor lounge chairs, which effortlessly support your body for a weightless feel.

Make it Private

A simple white privacy trellis allows ample greenery to grow up its length while providing people in the yard with beautiful natural covering.

Image via Better Homes & Gardens

A little extra privacy can help make your yard feel like more of a sanctuary. While privacy fencing is a great option, there are less expensive ways to achieve the same effect. Curtains made of an outdoor-safe fabric, like those sold by West Elm, are the fastest and easiest way to pull this off. Alternatively, you can try planting a fast-growing vining plant like Boston ivy, clematis, wisteria, star jasmine, or hops up a trellis for a sense of separation that will still allow air flow. For smaller areas, you’ll find that a vertical garden with plant pots attached to a sturdy surface is a great way to add some fresh greenery.

Bring In Some Color

Outdoor rugs with fun patterns and colors can make the perfect complements to your other outdoor decor pieces.

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Summer’s abundance of flowers and fruit provides plenty of inspiration for seasonal outdoor spaces, and you can bring these colors into your home in the form of annual blooms, outdoor rugs, a fresh coat of paint, or even a hand-painted mural on your fence. Look for vivid, juicy tones of pink, red, yellow, purple, and orange for a nice contrast against the green of your yard. IKEA is a great source of colorful cushion covers for as little as $1.99.

Create a Focal Point

Focal points like this modern fire pit make for cozy, great-looking gathering places.

Image via CB2

A fire or water feature provides something to congregate around and brings in ambiance, whether you choose a dramatic rectangular fire pit, a smaller tabletop gel fuel fire bowl, a grand water fountain, or just a solar birdbath fountain.

Cool Things Off

Stock tanks are great pool alternatives that don't cost a lot of money or take up a lot of space.

Image via Hey Wanderer

Short on space for a full-sized pool but wishing for something sturdier than an inflatable? Consider a stock tank! Sold at farm equipment stores, most of these round galvanized tanks are eight feet in diameter or less. Even in hot weather, the water stays cool thanks to the reflective metal, and it’s easy to convert them to a clean and clear swimming pool with a filter pump. You can even connect one to a propane water heater as a DIY hot tub for a smooth transition into cold weather when summer’s over. No space or cash for a pool? A $9.95 rainbow mister will help you cool off, and kids and dogs love them.

Bring the Vibe Inside

Bring the fun of usmmer inside your house using the same bold colors and airy accent pieces.

Image via Martha Stewart

A lot of these ideas will work even if all you have is a balcony — but what if you don’t have any outdoor space at all? You can transform your living room or dining area into a summer oasis by applying the same concepts. Switch out your table linens for brighter, airier styles, create floral or herbal centerpieces for your tables, toss some beach-themed throw pillows onto the couch, and hang summer objects like straw hats, beach towels, and oars.