Guerrilla gardeners hope to plant the seeds of change, brightening vacant urban sites and bringing life and enjoyment. Technically they don’t usually have permission to plant flowers, but hey–who’s going to argue with beauty?
We’ve all seen them. Those ugly abandoned concrete shells left when businesses are shuttered or a fire guts a building. Or the corner plots where people cut through, their shortcuts leaving barren ground and mud. There are also the empty areas around trees lining our streets. All of these spots are calling out for artful attention.
Whether you have a gardening guerrilla inside you or you’re looking for a creative gift or wedding favors, seed bombs (don’t worry–these are strictly pacifist) or seed-embedded papers might be what you’re looking for.
We’ve pulled together 5 pretty or downright practical options to help your interest grow.

1. Dragon Drops

WhiteDragonPaper makes these attractive seed balls that you can toss or plant. They contain wildflower seeds and are wrapped in paper saved and recycled by the store owner. You can also choose plantable tags or hearts (plantable confetti, anyone?).
dragon ball seeds

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2. Handmade Paper Wildflower Seed Bombs

These original seed bombs are eye-catching even before they bloom. They contain “a wildflower mix of annuals, perennials and biennials, growing up to three feet in height,” say the people behind PulpandDeckle. “Seeds may include yarrow, bachelor buttons, columbine, wallflower, shasta daisy, larkspur, California poppy, blue flax, lupine, evening primrose, and more!”
seed bombs

3. Wildflower Seed Balls DIY Kit

Feeling super-creative? Well, turn your hand to this DIY option by Seedles. The kit includes compost, powdered clay and bee-friendly native wildflower seeds, and you can select your growing region for the best results. The kit gives you enough supplies to craft between 50 and 75 seed bombs. (If you’re like us, you might chuckle when you spot the Seedles herb-growing kit–it lets you make “Thyme Bombs”….)

seed bomb kit

4. Wildlife Habitat Seed Bombs

The plants you’ll grow from these seeds will help birds, butterflies, bees, and small critters make your backyard their home. The seeds are a mixture of “wildflowers, grains, grasses and clovers, including oats, wheat, rye, red clover, crimson clover, cornflower, purple coneflower, lupine, and baby snapdragon,” says TheSEV.
wildlife habitat seed bombs
5. Bee Bombs
We’ve all read about the bee die-off and colony collapse. Well, now you can do your bit to protect our pollinators. These bee-friendly seed mixes make a great gift for bosses, teachers or friends. They’d even be a good way to introduce the topic to children, helping them to go out and grow, too.
“Bee Bombs are seed balls made from clay, compost, and seeds for plants that are good for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators and beneficial insects,” says PlantablesLLC. “Just throw the seed bombs onto some soil, into a field, a hillside, or anywhere else where you would like to grow beautiful flowering plants and support these important insect populations.”
bee bombsbee bomb seeds