There’s something special about pigs. Perhaps it’s the fact that colorful toys and paintings make them out to be so cute and cuddly. In reality, pigs are muck-splattered animals who gobble up our discarded food scraps—but maybe we admire these “earthy” qualities of theirs too. Whatever the reason, we know we love them. Here are five fabulous pieces of pig art for you to peruse and purchase. Who knows, they might even inspire you to make a porcine masterpiece of your very own!

1. Betsy McLellan’s “Pig

Betsy McLellan Pig

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The expression on this pig’s face says it all. Artist Betsy McLellan is especially skilled at capturing her subjects’ personalities in her paintings. Originally from Boston, she now lives in scenic Maine. “I am inspired most by Maine’s glorious coastal landscape, quirky animals and nature,” she says. In this same Etsy gallery, McLellan shares vibrant oil stills of sheep, cows, and birds.

2. “Pig 05049

Pig 05049
If you prefer slightly bleaker art, take a look at Christien Meindertsma’s “Pig 05049.” For this project, the artist decided to research every product that could be made from a single pig. She documented her findings in writing and in photographs. “Amongst some of the more unexpected results were: Ammunition, medicine, photo paper, heart valves, brakes, chewing gum, porcelain, cosmetics, cigarettes, conditioner and even biodiesel,” says Meindertsma.

3. Pig Museum

Pig Museum

Sourced from Stuttgart Tourist

This museum in Stuttgard, Germany, is now the largest pig exhibition in the world (who knew there were others?) and houses an impressive 42,000 pig-related artifacts. Although many of the exhibits are intended specifically for children, there are enough offbeat objects around to keep adults entertained for at least a couple of hours. You can even learn about the evolutionary origins of pigs, if you’re up to it. There’s also a variety of pork dishes on sale in the museum’s cafeteria, but we’re so sure how to feel about that.

4. Ceramic Pig Planter

Pig Planters
This handmade planter would make a charming addition to any table or counter. “It was originally designed to be a Mexican piggy bank, but I cut out the entire top and made a cute planter instead,” explains artist Wendy Alderman. To create her kitschy planters, Alderman uses old molds from the 1960’s. She also makes a “flying pig” model and offers a selection of colors to match your decor, including classic piggy pink.

5. Flying Pig Paper Animation Kit

Flying Pig
Simple but cute, this little guy is a total winner. Even the website’s store copy is whimsical and clever: “In the world of cardboard engineering anything is possible. The flying pig, that icon of improbability, is a simple matter—with the cunning use of the crank slider mechanism, the porcine perambulator will fly!” Once you’ve mastered the flying pig, try your hand at some of the company’s other models: There’s a “Flexiphant,” a “Paperoo,” a skiing sheep, and a “Ruminations” black-and-white cow. Something tells us that any adults who buy these moving models for their kids will eventually end up playing with them on their own. Just don’t “pig out” on playtime.