hubert street residence insert volume

A fifth-floor walkup in Tribeca, clocking in at 900 square feet, doesn’t sound like a bad place to live. But a young Columbia University medical student had an inspired vision to make her home-away-from-home even better.

floor plan

Wanting to preserve the views to the North and West while keeping an open-air feel to the loft, the resident tasked Lynch/Eisinger/Design with creating a unique living space.


The renovations began with the removal of all interior partitions. This created a wide open space that let in massive amounts of natural light. The designers then built a single plywood volume containing all of the home’s essential functions.

main bedroom

The plywood insert is slightly lower than the apartment’s ceiling and slightly raised from the apartment’s floor, allowing natural light to flow all around, over, and under it. The slight removal from the bones of the apartment also helps to demarcate the private from the public areas of the home.

master bedroom with closed curtain
Materials play an important role in the apartment’s transformation. The light wooden floor spans the entire area of the home, but inside the addition the floors are a soft grey rubber.

In the small kitchen, the walls are made of grey cement and the cabinets are a sleek white lacquer. The master bathroom sports limestone floors and walls for an exceptionally modern look.

murphy bed
The defining feature of the renovated apartment is a long row of matte white lacquered cabinets. Behind the doors you’ll find a miniature office space, a pull-down guest Murphy bed, and various storage spaces. When all closed, the cabinet doors double as a projection screen.