lawson robb mayfair spa

A private client with a love of hotel-like luxury and, apparently, a very large interior design budget tasked interior architecture studio Lawson Robb with creating this glamorous underground spa. The spa occupies a subterranean location beneath a listed building in Mayfair, London.

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lawson robb mayfair spa design

The basement level of the 15,000 square foot residential development began as a maze of rooms. The architects segmented the rooms into distinct zones. A pool, a sauna, massage rooms, a steam room, and a walk-in jet shower all provide for a feeling of extreme luxury.

lawson robb subterranean spa

Creative lighting, vaulted ceilings, and use of mirrors make the underground space seem like a quiet, reverent space perfect for reflection. A glass bridge spans a central light well to bring natural light down into the space.

At one end of the spa, a backlit slab of onyx conceals the remote control pop-up bar. A secret stone stairway takes visitors through the wine cellar and up to the library above.

lawson robb underground spa

The classic stonework and rich teak strips are just a part of the overall stunning appearance of this unexpected oasis. The water itself lends an ethereal air to the space. Taken as a whole, it would be difficult to guess that this space is actually beneath ground in an historically significant building. It is hidden luxury at its finest.

“Hotel design has for a long time informed the interior design of homes. as more people travel the world, so they bring home global styles,” says Lawson Robb. “They also want to translate that hotel service into their own environments; if they can pay for comfort while on holiday, why not have the same at home?”

lawson robb vaulted spa

About Lawson Robb: “Design means extracting the DNA of an idea and seeing what can be developed from it. Each project has its own story to tell. It is a project’s identity that sets it apart, and our design schemes are not merged into the uniformity and trends of today. The success of the studio is attributed to the uniqueness of each design and bespoke approach to each project. Good interiors design is more than the way things look, it is about how the space is used, the person who inhabits it and enhancing the environment.”