Taking the new title for the world’s largest free-standing house of playing cards, this delicate new art structure took nearly a quarter-million cards to make – and 44 straight days to complete. 4,200+ standard card decks put to very non-standard building purposes.

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American architect Bryan Berg was commissioned to create this unique house of cards by a luxury hotel on the other side of the world from Las Vegas – the Chinese-controlled Venetian Macau, part of the booming new gambling center of Asia.


Modeled to look like the hotel in which it is on display, the playing card structure measures thirty plus feet wide by ten feet tall and has not a drop of glue nor piece of tape to hold it together (better hold your breath!).

Want to make your own? Unless you too are gunning for a world record, you might want to play it safe and use some hidden supports to keep your art from blowing away.