With all adults in the house often working 9 to 5 to make a living these days, we usually get home and are rushing to get dinner on the table. So, any devices that help keep our kitchen and household running smoothly are a big plus. In the spirit of making life easier, here are four electronics that can help save time and reduce angst.

1. GeniCan

genican scanner

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Always forgetting what you need to buy when you get to the grocery store? Tired of leaving your list on the kitchen counter? Fear not. Technology has you covered. The GeniCan is a nifty way to create a digital shopping list that you can send right to your phone.

GeniCan is easy to install on most square or rectangular garbage cans, and the idea is simple. When you finish an item and are ready to toss the package in the trash, GeniCan scans the bar code and adds the product to a digital shopping list that travels with you to the store on your phone. If it can’t sense a code, it asks you what it should add to your list so you never forget what you need.

2. Mellow

mellow smart kitchen

If you enjoy having dinner ready to put on the table the minute you walk in the door, we suspect you’ll take to Mellow. “Our design directive is to make your cooking experience as effortless as possible,” explain the designers. “We redesigned the way sous-vide cooking works to make it as perfect for home cooks as we could.”

Mellow keeps your food refrigerated until it’s time to cook it, and uses a very efficient design and process to ensure dinner’s delicious—it even asks for feedback after each meal so it can update your preferences. Control the device from your smartphone using Mellow’s built-in Wi-Fi.

3. Lynx Smart Grill

lynx smart grill

This smart grill comes in built-in and stand-alone models of different sizes to fit your needs. The 30-inch built-in model is powered by a 1.5Ghz Intel Processor and has 64GB of storage and Wi-Fi, so you can control it by voice commands or a smart device (and yes, it works on both iOS and Android operating systems). LED-backlit control knobs and a handy halogen grill surface light make it a breeze to keep an eye on dinner’s progress. High-tech temperature sensors ensure cooking stays on track efficiently, and there’s a dual-position internally powered rotisserie and a rear infrared burner with 14,000 BTU. Now we’re cookin’…

4. Qi Aerista Smart Tea Brewer

qi aerista tea maker

This is certainly an equal-opportunity tea brewer. Whether you like hot tea or cold, light and fragrant or strong, Qi Aerista can deliver. The machine has six preset brewing modes: Floral, Green, Oolong, Black, and Milk tea, as well as Cold Brewing for all types of tea.

Where does the “smart” come in? You can customize your brewing settings, for one, and control and monitor your cup’s progress from your smartphone. Another handy feature is the timer mode, so you can decide when to brew your next cup of tea.

Keep a tea diary via the app, and use the online tea database to find new leaves to try. And of course sipping tea is always social, so you can share tips and tasting notes online with other tea aficionados.