Experts agree: it’s important for both our physical and mental health to get enough quality sleep every night. Thankfully, several companies are investing time and research into products that they believe will help maximize the benefits we get from shut-eye.
Here are four innovative products that are sure to help you catch some z’s:

1. Sleep Shepherd

Sleep Shepherd

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The inventors of Sleep Shepherd claim that it’s the only sleep device that “actively improves your sleep” by monitoring your brainwaves in real-time while you snooze. You wear a headband with embedded (no pun intended) sensors on it, and when you turn in for the night, the technology kicks in. “By combining specialized binaural beats with EEG sleep monitoring, the Sleep Shepherd’s patent-pending biofeedback system helps improve your sleep like no other sleep device,” explain the designers. “The two components work together to help constantly optimize your sleep cycle.”
When it’s time to wake up, the Sleep Shepherd’s “Smart Alarm” eases you out of your dreams, so you open your eyes feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

2. Dreampad
The Dreampad may look like a regular pillow, but it’s actually a clever tool to help you get to sleep. It was originally designed to help children with high levels of anxiety relax. Parents and therapists raved about it, and when they started using it on themselves, the designers knew it was time to expand and share their product with adults, too.
So what’s its secret? Well, the Dreampad plays music that only you can hear. It uses the principle of “bone conduction,” explain its inventors, and “as the sound vibrations move toward the bony area surrounding your middle and inner ear, it is triggering your body’s relaxation response.”
The tech whizzes behind the device use song structures and tempos that research has proven to induce sleep and relaxation. They also equipped the device with some sounds from nature.
The Dreampad’s accompanying music app boasts a user-friendly interface, a timer, and a gentle alarm to wake you from your slumber in the morning.

3. ReflexPillow

Irish back and neck pain specialist Noel O’Connor has 30 years of experience treating patients. “I found that something as simple as the pillow we lie on was the biggest culprit,” he says.
So, he invented a pillow using a special “reflex foam,” which was designed to prevent neck and back pain from even starting and keep your spine aligned while you sleep. On his website, O’Connor says: “While your mattress may support your lower spine, your upper spine (neck area) needs even more support, as this is the area where most soft tissue and muscle damage occurs. It’s also the area that is responsible for a lot of issues with your general health.”

4. Dagsmejan Sleepwear

Dagsmejan Sleepwear Dagsmejan Sleepwear
The designers at Dagsmejan realized that technological advances in sportswear were being announced left and right, but people’s pajamas had barely evolved at all since their invention. “By taking insights from high-performance sportswear and adapting them to our body’s physiological sleep needs, we have reinvented sleepwear for a good night and a great day,” reads the company website.
The sleepwear, which is now available for pre-order, has four main features. For starters, it’s made with high-tech natural fiber and boasts a clever design with various thermal zones along its body. The fabric used to make it is four times better than cotton at drawing moisture away from the skin, and it’s quick-drying. It’s “designed for optimal sleep in terms of both comfort and fit, featuring a minimum number of flat seams, a tagless design, soft elastic waistbands, and a natural stretch.” Plus, the fabric is super soft and smooth, and it’s guaranteed to last you a long time.