While there’s certainly no shortage of organic, vegan, and other “save the planet” health foods out there, those who are really serious about making a difference should also be invested in the quest to eradicate the use of dispoable plastics. Finding and eating the food may be the fun part, but have you ever considered whether or not you were contributing to our planet’s problems through the cutlery or utensils you were using? Plastic knives and forks are extremely abundant at festivals, supermarkets, barbecues, and garden parties, mostly because they’re easy to get hold of, cheap to manufacture, and particularly handy if you’re the kind of person that sneaks them into your handbag for future use. Still, there are much greener options to consider when picking out your party supplies this summer.

Here are four brilliant sustainable alternatives to plastic cutlery that’ll bring about positive change in the world and start a ton of interesting conversations!


VerTerra Dinnerware

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VerTerra Dinnerware is the originator of palm leaf plates. Made from 100-percent renewable resources and officially recognized by the Smithsonian as being the first of its kind in the USA, VerTerra’s “Fallen Leaves” collection offers some great sustainable alternatives to disposable paper and plastic plates. The designs have been described as stylish and chic whilst remaining true to their functionality with environmental impact. Made of only two simple products, fallen palm leaves and water, these plates will naturally biodegrade around two months after their disposal.

This dinnerware collection is versatile in terms of options, sizes, and styles, so no matter what you’re cooking, you can do it with a clean conscience!

Bare by Solo

Bare by Solo

This well known dinnerware company offers a compostable product line that’s made entirely from renewable sugar cane. Their PLA-lined hot cup has been specially designed to biodegrade quickly and fully. With its secure lid, the cup is ideal for hot drinks and life on the go!



Made from 100-percent organic bamboo, these biodegradable products from bambu will disintegrate four to six months after disposal and are sturdy enough to handle even the heartiest of meals. Available in bulk for big events like weddings and parties or smaller packs for dinner dates and family gatherings, these plates can even be reused a few times before being disposed of. Chemical and pesticide free, FDA approved and USDA Biobased certified, this dinnerware should be your go-to eco-friendly catering companion.

World Centric

World Centric collection

The World Centric collection is made from wheat straw and leftover agricultural fibers, making it a completely renewable resource. The products in it are all microwave and freezer safe, allowing them to be used to carry both hot and cold food without any wax lining or plastic. The plates are also compostable and soak proof, so you can always reuse them if you want. Available in four different styles, these are the ideal dishes to help you host a huge party!