Promotional image for Apple's 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference, featuring custom 3D emoji characters made from Apple software.

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As a result of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC20) was turned into a totally online experience this year, allowing millions of fans and developers around the world to sneak a peek at the company’s latest innovations unlike ever before. News on macOS Big Sur’s monumental design advance since the beginning of Mac OS X, the new App Library in iOS 14, and improved handwriting competence with Apple Pencil in iPadOS 14 were among the most popular topics. —

macOS Big Sur

Screen shot displaying some of the streamlined features available with macOS Big Sur.

Already the fastest desktop browser on earth, Safari just got even better with its most dramatic update since its inception. It’s not only faster than ever and brimming with innovative new features, it also helps protects the privacy of users better than ever. On top of that, users can now modify the start page with iCloud Tabs, background images, and reading lists. An improved and expanded Mac App Store makes it easy for users to find and download vast numbers of Safari extensions in a new group of options that includes top charts and editorial spotlights.

macOS Big Sur’s Mac Catalyst, part of the new macOS Catalina debuted in 2019, has made it effortless for developers to add their iPad apps to Macs. Mac Catalyst apps automatically accede to the new look while concurrently giving developers total control of new APIs, as well as the appearance and performance of their apps.

iOS 14

Promotional image for Apple's new iOS 14 update.

No more scrolling through apps to find what you need. The new App Library of iOS 14 organizes user apps into one simple-to-navigate view, and wisely displays apps that may be useful in providing additional options for the subject at hand.

App Clips, also part of iOS14, reduces the time it takes to find what users need without their having to search key words. It automatically pops up to help with solutions by loading an app that will assist users with things like finding a parking spot in public, renting recreational equipment, and locating specific restaurants depending on the neighborhood you’re in.

iPadOS 14

Screen shot displaying some of the streamlined features available with iPadOS 14.

Scribble with Apple Pencil eliminates the need to type quick searches in Safari or immediately comment on an iMessage. Simply use the Apple Pencil and your words will magically be converted to typed text in seconds. Searching has also been streamlined to allow you to look something up from anywhere on the iPadOS 14 without abandoning the app you’re using.

tvOS 14

Apple TV fans can now use Siri or Control Center to enjoy HomeKit-enabled video cameras and accessories. Once it’s all configured, you’ll receive doorbell notices on your TV screen, with an optional live feed that shows you who’s at the door.

Promotional graphic demonstrating some of the new features available through Apple tvOS 14.

One of the best multi-user features on tvOS 14 is Apple Arcade, which allows all the players in the house to pick up precisely where they left off in all their beloved games. Control Center players can effortlessly switch between users, monitor their game progress, check out Game Center achievements and leaderboards, and contact friends.