Coffee brewing is both an art and a science. Depending on the variety you choose, where it was grown, what the weather conditions were like as it matured, how it was roasted, the temperature of the water, the length of time you let it steep, and even how you stir it, coffee can produce a virtually endless amount of flavors. To celebrate all these possibilities, science-focused coffeemaker brand iDrip commissioned 3+2 Design Studio to craft an exhibition space that shows off its iDrip Smart Pour-Over Coffeemaker.

iDrip and 3+2's Smart Pour-Over Coffeemaker Exhibition Space

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Coffee beans from all over the world sit in crystal clear test tubes inside iDrip's Smart Pour-Over Coffeemaker Exhibition Space.

Created for the 2021 Creative Expo Taiwan in the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, the bright white, laboratory-like space presents experimental test tubes, the iDrip machines, and a selection of coffee beans from various sources against a backdrop of illustrations inspired by Leonardo da Vinci. Steel plates are assembled into a “lab bench” where guests can select, grind, and brew their coffee beans using the new iDrip Da Vinci Code model. Custom tea and coffee bags are also on display, including “Charcoal Roasted Oolong Tea” designed and developed by Michelin chef André Chiang and “Blend Papa Rich” coffee by 2014 World Coffee Roasting Champion Jacky Lai.

“Emulating the ‘spirit of science’ and ‘art of coffee,’ the coffee lab was designed after many trials and tribulations, giving birth to a perfect environment emphasizing the notion that ‘every drip is science,’” explain the designers. “Come and experience the charm of coffee made by the iDrip Smart Pour-over Coffeemaker. A luminous, transparent display rack is placed on the side of the exhibition area to exhibit the coffee filter bags created by over 21 barista champions from more than 15 countries. Each filter bag tells the baristas’ personal stories and exemplifies their unique coffee making techniques and taste.”

Several different coffee blends are available at iDrip's new exhibition space, all of them developed by expert coffeemakers.

Expert Barista scientifically prepares gourmet coffee at iDrip's Smart Pour-Over Coffeemaker exhibition space.

It’s a scene that will delight and inspire anyone who’s really serious about their coffee. Can you imagine walking into a laboratory like this and custom-crafting such precise blends exactly to your tastes or to satisfy your curiosity? Along with the expert baristas and gourmet coffee selections, the iDrip machine is what makes that possible. While a classic pour-over setup requires no more than a filter and a cone-shaped funnel placed over a mug, the iDrip lets you configure professional parameters to decide exactly how your beans are brewed, including water temperature, flow speed, flow path, pour frequency, and bloom time.

Close-up view of iDrip's new Smart Pour-Over Coffeemaker.

The designers add that “iDrip is the world’s first OTA-enabled coffee machine that can update its firmware directly through the internet to let you enjoy more new and diverse functions. Just like Tesla in the automotive industry and iPhone in the smartphone industry, iDrip, the smartest coffee machine in the coffee industry, was revealed to the world. You will not only enjoy a coffee machine but also an AI coffee brewing system that advances with technological development, offering you an immersive, scintillating coffee experience.”

iDrip and 3+2's Smart Pour-Over Coffeemaker Exhibition Space in Taiwan

Use iDrip in conjunction with pour-over coffee sachets prepared by baristas from around the world; simply touch the brew button on the coffee machine, and it will automatically scan the sachet and apply the appropriate brewing technique. Programs inside the iDrip Da Vinci’s IOT-enabled AI chip are designed to complement the exclusive pour-over coffee sachets produced by baristas to accurately recreate the baristas’ techniques.”