reusable folding cardboard furniture

When you’re in college or just starting out on your own, moving from one place to another is a frustratingly frequent event. Lots of people at this stage in life accumulate cheap furniture and simply throw it away or give it away rather than having to lug it to yet another home. Room in a Box offers a much more eco-friendly way to move without the need to ditch your old stuff and buy more later.

assemble a room in 30 minutes no tools

cardboard room in a box folding furniture

Room in a Box is basically everything you need to set up a single room, whether it’s in a dorm or a shared house. The cardboard furniture folds flat to fit into an easily-transported box; when you get to your new place, you can assemble everything in less than 30 minutes.

cardboard furniture room in a box

garbage and recycling bins

Included in the box are a bed frame, a chair, a desk, a dresser, a garbage bin, and a recycling bin. The dresser consists of four individual boxes that can be moved around and configured in any way you want; the bed frame is made of the same type of boxes (with connectors holding them together) to provide additional storage. All of the pieces are made of 75% recycled materials, and everything is 100% recyclable when you wear it out – which, according to the designers, should take years.

recyclable cardboard room in a box furniture

room in a box

The cardboard is coated with waterproof material so you don’t have to worry about a spill ruining your cool new desk. No tools or glue are needed to assemble or disassemble the furniture, and when you’re between homes everything fits into a neat outer box. The storage box even has wheels and a handle to make it simple to move from one place to the next.