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Modeled on the kind of manual pencil sharpeners (some of us) students grew up with by the doors of classrooms, this may be one of the more classy and convenient hand-powered lighting concepts yet created. And if that were not enough: as a bizarre bonus, you can even still sharpen pencils with it!

A simple cylinder, the light itself can be suspended from a string or cord much like a conventional ceiling fixture and has the equivalent stylish simplicity of one as well. Kenan Wang also designed the top of the cylinder to be solid while the lamp portion sits suspended like a classic bulb below, mirroring the more familiar kinds of home lighting design we are used to.

A fold-out handle flips down to one side and can then be rotated in a circle with one hand while the other holds the light in place. When the winding completely charges the light once more, this extra piece folds neatly back into place to sit flush with the body of the fixture. Naturally, they come in a variety of nifty subtle and neon colors as well – or will, if this gets to the mass-production phase (perhaps without the somewhat-extraneous pencil-sharpening functionality).