lifeguard house idea

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While wilderness dwellers might prefer recycled lookout towers, beachcombers would surely love to live inside of lifeguard stations. Prime beach real estate, no neighbors to speak of and an elevated view out over the lake, sea or ocean. What could be better?

lifeguard tower design

You may be used to seeing already-converted properties, churches turned into houses and warehouses changed to condos, but these lifeguard lookouts remain largely untapped in terms of their adaptive reuse potential.

lifeguard cool modern tower

Windowed, walled and roofed for year-round climate protection and designed around views of the water, these structures may lack plumbing and power in some cases but would at least make great overnight vacation homes.

lifeguard tower designs

Some of these buildings are already heavily personalized, decorated and nearly house-like already – such as those shown in the images above that dot the beaches of Miami. Even though they may remain in use during the day, such properties could at least be leased or rented by night for private use.

lifgaurd tower loft living

From modest modern boxes to playful postmodern structures, lifeguard towers come in all shapes, sizes, colors and kinds, but universally offer something that almost everyone desires: a private lofted retreat along the edge of a large body of water.