coffin theme furniture designs

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Most people go light on decor for Halloween – after all, you have to store all of the stuff you use to decorate during the rest of the year, right? Well, some folks simply made do with the macabre on a more permanent basis by buying furniture objects to use beyond the seasonal festivities.

coffin couches and sofas

These couch coffins are all the more strange for being so finely styled – elegant sofa legs support the casket frame and plush padding inside comes variety of patterns and colors. Oh and yes, these are entirely real used coffins recycled with hard-to-obtain permission and complete with authentic bio-hazard warning labels.

coffin desk table kitchen cabinets

An apparently modest man of mystery (listed by first name only on his gallery website), Bryan has taken coffin-themed object design to a darkly humorous extreme. He has crafted everything from miniature coffin cuff links to custom casket desks, kitchen tables and even complete an entire coffin kitchen renovation containing coffin-shaped tables, islands and cabinets.