Wax Stacks Make It Easy to Show off Your Vinyl Collection

wax stacks record storage

“Baltic birch” might be a good name for a band. But in fact, this is the sustainable wood used make Wax Stacks portable crates for vinyl records.

Vinyl? Why, yes. The classic recording format is back in style, and what’s old is indeed new again. (Some of us are glad we kept our old LPs and are diligently dusting them off to relive our youthful days.)

wax stacks vinyl storage

We’ll be ditching those old faded-red milk crates, too. Wax Tracks is a stylish way to show off your records as well as merely store them. They’ll definitely be a talking point when friends come over.

wax stacks vinyl storage

wax stacks record storage

The crates click into place easily — no tools required, you’ll be delighted to hear — and pop down just as effortlessly if you want to stash them for some reason. If you’re a record collector, you’ll be happy that there’s no hardware to scratch the covers during storage.

The designers have dubbed this patent-pending interlocking system “Stackable and Rackable.”

“The innovative lap joint allows for mix-and-match bookcase style or long-term-storage style stacking,” the designers explain.

wax stacks record storage

The curved tabs have a hook at the end that bends up and over the edge of the opposite panel. Just press the middle to click it into place. When you’ve clicked them all into place, your crate is secure and ready to do its job.

“Our 5-year-olds can put it together in under a minute,” claim the designers. “Yes, we can make them available to handle support calls.”

wax stacks vinyl storage

Want to deejay or simply take some albums to a friend’s house? No problem. Wax Stacks are sturdy for safe carrying and will protect your valuable vinyl, both at home and away.

wax stacks record storage

The finishes are applied here in the U.S., when the Baltic birch arrives on the West Coast.

“The unique finishing provides exotic hardwood look without decimating hardwood forests,” say the Wax Stacks team. “Our crates can be made in a wide variety of finishes….They are breath-taking in their warmth and detail.”

And of course, birch is less expensive than hardwoods, so it’s better for the customer as well as the environment.

Wax Stacks works with a local mill, and the way the crate templates are laid out on the birch boards means that there is little wood wasted. The company takes its eco-awareness further by using 100-percent recycled packaging.

The tab lock system is also a green feature, as it means the units can be shipped flat, which is an eco-friendly delivery method.

wax stacks record storage

Each crate holds 50 records, and as they are stackable, you can literally build up your collection. (There has to be a Tower Records joke in here somewhere.) The half-inch-thick wood won’t dip and bend like those milk crates, and all the boxes have an alternating ridge pattern to keep them from slipping and sliding. No Jenga moments with these.

wax stacks vinyl storage

While it’s obvious that the Wax Stacks crew are passionate about their vinyl, they do say you can use them for other purposes if you like. Books, perhaps, or even toys. We’re thinking they’d be a great way to corral magazines.

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