Walk on Water! HydroFloors Hide Under-Floor Indoor Pools

Like a hidden secret room in a haunted house or the trap-door in some evil genius mansion, this seems like something Hollywood would cook up – not a real-life design you can have installed in your own home. Watch the video below as what looks like a ceramic tile floor slips below the water’s surface.

Vertical mobility takes on a whole new meaning as these Hydrofloors move up at the push of the button while the water seeps away, then slide back down when you want to turn the room (or patio or porch) back into a sunning or swimming pool.

Swimming pools are notorious space hogs – imagine dining and dancing the night away and then relaxing in water occupied by the same square footage the next morning. The mobile flooring can be stopped at intervals to control water depth for anything from diving to swimming or simply wading – a functional safety feature for children even a normal home pool cannot boast.

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