Vintage Airstream Converted into Home/Office Hybrid

Architect Matthew Hofmann did such a remarkable job renovating a 1978 Airstream trailer into a home and office for himself and his girlfriend, it has led to a bustling business doing the same for others. In early 2011, Hofmann transformed a 25-foot Tradewind in dire need of TLC into an airy, compact, dual-purpose mobile living space.

Based in Santa Barbara, the sustainability-minded architect wanted to downsize from a large house, paring down his belongings and opening the door to new opportunities for travel. Upon purchasing the Airstream, Hofmann ripped out the interiors  and replaced them with recycled, locally-produced and eco-friendly materials in bright white and soothing blues and grays.

The result manages to fit all that the couple needs into 150 square feet of live/work space including a bathroom, kitchen, and a dining/work table that unfolds into a bed. Clever space-saving tricks like sliding pantries and hidden storage ensure that each possession has its place.

Since completing (and ultimately selling) this one-of-a-kind trailer, Hofmann opened ‘AirstreamPlanet’, his vintage Airstream design and renovation company. He has since renovated eight silver Airstream travel trailers for clients around the world.

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