Unspillable Wine Glass: When You Get Tipsy, This Cup Won’t

Wine glasses may be designed to look elegant and optimize flavor-enhancing air flow, but with those top-heavy goblets teetering on such a thin base, they’re an accident waiting to happen. The ingenious Saturn Wine Glass by Christopher Yamane of Fragile Studios eliminates the risk of impossible-to-remove wine stains with a design that makes the glass virtually unspillable.

Made from a single piece of glass, the Saturn Wine Glass features a rim that prevents it from turning over if you knock into it. Yamane used traditional glass-blowing techniques to give the stemless glass its signature Saturn-like ring, folding a bubble of glass and trapping air within it.

The rim also acts as a fill line, so servings are perfect every time. It might take a while to get used to holding this glass in the palm of your hand, but it’s worth the assurance that you won’t end up with a dress covered in Shiraz.

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