Ultra-Tiny Camper Designed to Trail Your Two-Wheeled Ride

This is about as small and mobile as a ‘home’ gets, short of a tent you pack right on your back – a flip-out trailer dwelling made to be pulled behind a bicycle.

The  Midget Bushtrekka is a wee four-wheeled wonder that weighs 50 pounds – no light load – with 180 liters of storage space easily accessed regardless of configuration.

It is made for harsh road conditions: “By utilising two wheels under each side of the trailer, harnessed to a pivoting rocker frame, the trailer can easily absorb most of the uneven terrain in its environment. Additional to this, each set of wheels operates independently of the other, creating a clutter free underbelly on the trailer.

The unit is also flexible both for mobility and setup: “By adjusting the positioning of each pivot frame vertically, the ride height of the unit can be adjusted for bikes from 20″ up to 29″ … Our trailer also features fully adjustable levelling jacks to ensure no matter what terrain your setting up on, the unit can be presented to a horizontal position for sleeping comfort.”

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