Twisted Cube: Unique Modernist White-and-Glass House


The Novela is a kind of modernist architectural experiment by October Ueda & Nakagawa Architects in maximizing interior spatial experiences. Abstract forms are not just about the art of the unusual but about carrying people through spaces that are ever-changing in dimension, shape and relative scale.


Patterns on the exterior certainly stand apart from their surroundings but are less about expressing a unique facade and more about reflecting the needs of interior volumes. Glass dividers on the inside also add to the apparent spaciousness of the rooms and a heavy dose of white keeps those spaces open and airy.


There is no doubt that these clients wanted something dynamic, modern and unique but as much as this is a one-of-a-kind work of art it is also a clever architectural design that makes the most of a small building footprint to provide engaging visual connections both within the structure and to the outside world.

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