Time to Die: World’s Most Eerily Accurate Clock & Watch Set

Stylish? Yes. Subtle? No. Telling one of the fundamental truths of reality (the other perhaps being taxes), this pair of timepieces spell out your mortality in no uncertain terms.

Black-painted, laser-cut hands on a mirrored surface intentionally blur into abstraction at a distance and become legible as you approach (both the clock and death, as it were). Design may be timeless, but life is not – time’s up!

“On this clock the hour hand reads “remember” and the minute hand “you will die”. The dial of the clock is mirrored, reflecting the viewer in the clock face and making it clear that the message is directed at all of us.

The clock is a link to the traditional ‘memento mori’ – an object designed to remind us that life is brief and that we should make the most of the time we have.” Designed and built by Mr. Jones.

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