Street Art? Puddle Pictures Frame Buildings in Pools of Rain

When it rains, something strange happens … all of those bustling urban pedestrians staring at their feet begin to catch glimpses of the architecture above and around them, turning just a little bit of their world upside down.

Puddling is a minimalistic white photographic tumblog (Tumblr blog) with pictures posted to it by Madeleine Digangi, featuring ordinary scenes as framed by pools of standing water on city streets and sidewalks.

The structures themselves are not extraordinary, and surely it would be hard to find beauty in the muddied rainwater, yellow lines, green bike paths or crumbling curbs alone.

But together, well, the compositions have an ephemeral and collaged quality that would no doubt make a postmodern Narcissus want to look deeper, and perhaps even cause him to fall in.

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