Small Space Sleeper: Wardrobe Triples as Divider + Bed

In a playful experimentation with materials and functions, Fraupawlik presents a surprising piece of transforming furniture. The Garderobe/Raumteiler/Bett (wardrobe/room divider/bed) is part of the Basurita line of adaptable use furniture pieces.

While perhaps not the most upscale, stylish piece of furniture ever conceived, the Garderobe/Raumteiler/Bett takes function to another level entirely. Perfect for a cramped studio apartment, the piece allows for storage, separation of spaces and sleeping – all with a tiny footprint. And because the bed goes vertical when not in use, a tiny living space can seem way more spacious while still having all of the necessities.

During the day, the object stands up to act as an open wardrobe for your shirts, suits, dresses and coats. It has the added function of working as a room divider at the same time. Because it is made of recycled materials it has a rough cut industrial look, making it seem tailor-made for a concrete loft space.

At night, the wardrobe turns into a bare-bones bed – more like a cot. The problem, of course, would be where to put your hanging clothes when you turn the object over on its side to sleep on. Using the Garderobe/Raumteiler/Bett in a guest space seems to make the most sense; that way it can still hold your clothes daily but transform temporarily when needed.

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